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High Temperature Test Chamber
High Temperature Test Chamber

Name:Programmable High Temperature Test Chamber (drying oven/dryer)

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Name: Programmable High-temperature Test Chamber  (drying oven/dryer)


Model: IN-TM1400L-A




High temperature test chamber has a precise temperature control system, and implements the standards: GB / T 11158-2008, GB / T2423.2-2008, which offers various environmental simulation conditions needed by industrial research and biotechnology test. It is widely used in tests of raw material performance, product packaging and product life of products in electronic, pharmaceutical, textile, automotive and other industries.


Test requirements: 


1. Working room size: W1200*D1050*H1100mm

2. Temp-range: room temp. + 15℃ ~ 300℃

3. Time for heating up: Around 30min for room temp. + 15℃ ~ 200℃ (can be controlled)

4. Time for cooling down: Around 30min for 200℃~room temp. + 15℃ (can be controlled)

5. The primary air system is adopted.

6. The specimen amount to 55kg, and it shall consider the bracket (support frame) strength.

7. It uses touch screen control can can display the temperature change value and temperature curve in real time, and export the test curve and data through the USB 2.0 socket on the panel. It is equipped with over-temperature protection such as three-color indicator light, warning buzzer, over-temperature power off and the sample holder’s bearing is 20 kg.

High temperature test machine
High temperature test chamber
Temperature test chamber
Temperature test machine






Working room size

1200*1050*1100mm (W*D*H)

Chamber dimension

1550*1450*1500mm (W*D*H)



Time for heating up

7℃≤1min (RT~200℃≤30min

Time for cooling down

200℃~RT+15℃ ≤30min

Temp. accuracy


Fluctuation for constant temp.


Temp. error


Temp. uniform






1. The equipment uses the first new arc-shaped design at home, which makes the overall appearance of the equipment generous.

2. The inner chamber material is made of 304B stainless steel plate, which has the characteristics of acid resistance, corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.                                        

3. The sample holder can be adjusted up and down as needed.                            

4. The test lead hole is on the left side of the studio on the left, and the hole cover can be opened when used.

5. It uses high-quality door magnetic strip seal and insulation materials to make the performance of the complete machine more excellent.

6. According to the historical experience of professionally designed experimental equipment, it has a reasonable air duct system, making the cabinet to achieve the highest uniformity of the temperature and humidity.

7. It uses the frequency converter-controlled primary air system (external air cooling) for thermal balance to ensure that the heating is controllable and the cooling time controllable.


Security measures:


Earthing protection

Workshop over-temperature protection

Heater short circuit, overload protection


Air supply circulation system:


1. Axial flow motor (low noise)

2. Stainless-steel multi-wing centrifugal wind wheel

3. Single cycle


Implementation of components:


1. Japan 's Fuji small relays

Contact capacity: AC220V 50Hz or specified by customer 

Contact distribution mode: 2z

Lifetime: 105OPS

Placement method: printed circuit board type, Printed-Circuit border type, flange type, plug-in type.


2. France’s "Schneider" AC contactor

Long service life: the mechanical life reaches as high as 200 million times; the service life reaches as high as 20 million times.

Strong adaptability: "TH" protective treatment, which enables it to be used in hot and humid environments.

Modularization: modules like the auxiliary contact, power-on / power-off delay contact and mechanical lock can be attached to the product body.


Touch screen temperature controller:


1) Model: TEMI880

2) Origin: Guangdong, China

3) Description: TEMI880 is a temperature controller that takes time-division PID action as the benchmark, which can design the setting temperature in multiple programs, and can record, draw the test temperature curve, as well as export the curve.

4) Platinum thermometer is to control and measure the temperature of the dry bulb, and can transmit the temperature and the main set point of the dry bulb through continuous communication.

5) After the dry bulb’s temperature receives the message through continuous communication, measured the with platinum thermometer.




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