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Infinity Machine International Inc.

Development History

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Development history of the company



2016  With the development of our business and increasement of orders, our company invested and built a new factory, and we moved to it on May. We appreciate a lot for the support to Infinity from every customer, and we will try harder with your support to be better.


2015  On 2nd, Jan, 2015, general manager of our company leads the excellent staff to leave for Las Vegas USA to participate in 2015 US CES show, they arranged the show site on 5th, Jan and formally started it on 6th, Jan(United States time).Show time: totally four days from Jan 6 to Jan 9, On the CES show site, we got agreed praise from a lot customers, and on the four-day exhibition, we successfully got orders from 5 big customers.


2014  we successfully became qualified supplier of Google and Intel  and built large laboratories for customers.


2013  Our independently researched and developed touch screen general-purpose tester, capacitive screen and new-type pressure touch screen product are widely used in high-end touch screen including smartphone, tablet PC, touch key, e-book and netbook and major touch screen market including hand-hold MT, hand-hold gaming device and electronic platform, etc.


           We own multiple core technologies with full intellectual property, whose

            technology and product are leading the world. We have applied for four united states patents for invention, two PCT patents, two Chinese patents and three patents for utility models.


2012  Successfully researching and developing the dynamic fatigue testing system, automobile central-control instrument and automobile trim fatigue tester; successively gaining orders from Audi, SAIC-Wuling, Mercedes and Iron General; passing the review of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision; successively getting orders from Quanta, Compal and AAC; supplying capacitive screen testers to TCL, ZTE, FocalTech and other companies;


2011  Becoming the core supplier for AMAZON; Shantou branch officeestablished; mass production for Amazon, Foxconn and Liteon; successfully accomplishing R&D on touch panel tester; obtaining patent certificate for touch panel clicking and lineation tester;


2010  Gaining trademark registration certificate; obtaining patents for mobbile phone drop tester and key load-curve tester; successively gettings orders from US 3M company, Amazon and VeriFone; equipment in bulk exported to CITS and POSITIVE in Brazil; getting orders of the whole laboratory of Hisense Communication;


2009  Gaining support from the project combining production, study and research in ministry of education in Donggun, obtaining CE certification for YWX-250 and RS-8000; and getting big orders successively from big famous companies in China and Vietnam.


2008  Gaining technology innovation fund of technology-type middle & small enterprises from Dongguan government; Gaining patents full-auto torsion tester and package zero drop tester; getting the private science and technology enterprise certificate of Dongguan; CE certificate approved for machine RS-8401A, RS-8403, RS-8255 and RS-8226; gain the honor of good partners with BBK group;machines exported to TPV in Poland for the first time;


2007  Gaining the measuring instruments manufacturing license; gaining big orders from the large laboratories of large shoe enterprises in Zhongshan city; getting orders from Foster, Panasonic, BYD, ASUS, TPV and OPPO, etc.;


2006  Oversea office established, the first machines exported to Argentina; successful R&D on shoe and leather testing machines, including vertical cold-resistance, shoe bending, shoe/leather water-proof and martindale abrasion testers...Founding a huge mobile phone laboratory for Beijing Flyfot technology Ltd;




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