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Infinity Machine International Inc.
Infinity Machine International Inc.

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Infinity Machine International Inc.

R & D Strength

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We hold the core of the industry and follow the principle of customer-oriented, investing a lot of money each year on the R&D of new product. We own a dynamic, dedicated and professional R&D team, we also own many machinery, SCM development,

PLC programming and control software development engineers. We adhere to the brand strategy combining R&D,

manufacture and sale.

Up to this day, we have successfully developed several sets of control system of software and hardware, and our technology, precision and usability all lead the industry. With the help of Technology Bureau of Dongguan city, we signed cooperation project combining production, study and research with Huazhong University of Science and Technology, they provide correlated technical and talent support for us, building a solid foundation for the long-term development of our company.


Corporate Philosophy:

Devote to produce testing machine for global top R&D Lab and manufacturing enterprise, provide high performance testing technology, excellent resolution, and top after-service.

Devote to make top precision testing machine as the leader to improving the national manufacturing industrial's quality.


Corporate Vision

To become the world famous tester supplier and create value for society.


Corporation Spirit:         Continuous improvement and innovation, leading the best and striving for the excellence.

Corporate Philosophy: Take the market as the guidance, take the technology as the core, take the serve as the basis,

                            take the cooperation for the mutual win, seek development by innovation.

Management Principal: Harmonious communication, Effective implementation and perseverance

Service Philosophy:       Active service, quick response, accurate judgment, warm communication.

Talent Concept:               Respect knowledge, maintain ability, encourage learning to develop together


Core Value:                                                       

Won global customer's respect and trust

Respect enterprise and human honor

Respect and exert team & personal value

Continuously pursue higher goals


Main competitiveness:

Own the newest core technology

Own the key customer

Own the top professional team





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NO.103 Building 4,No.27,Beihuan Road,Wangniudun Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China

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