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Name:Microcomputer-control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

INH-2000AY (200T)
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Name: Microcomputer-control Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine (Hydraulic Motor Drive)




Model: INH-2000AY (200T)





Microcomputer-control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine mainly adopts main machine of underneath-type oil cylinder, used for tensile, compression, bending and shearing test for metal and non-metal materials. It applies to various fields including metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, material, institutions of higher education and scientific institutions, etc.

Its test operation and data process meet requirements of standard GB228-2002Material in room temperature: test method of metal tensile.








2000KN (200T)

Testing force effective range


Force accuracy


Control range for Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement


Control accuracy

for Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement

When set testing value <10%FS,

the accuracy is with ±1% of the set testing value

When set testing value ≥10%FS,

the accuracy is within ±0.5% of the set testing value

Control accuracy

of deformation


within ±2.0% of set value when speed<0.05%FS,

within ±0.5% of set value when speed≥0.05%FS,

Deformation testing accuracy


Max moving speed of piston


Displacement measurement resolution


The Max tensile space

1000mm (Including stroke of piston)

The Max compression pace

900mm (Including stroke of piston)

Flat sample clamping thickness


Flat sample clamping width


Clamping diameter of Round specimen (mm)


Compression plate


Support roller space of bending test


Width of support roller


Piston stroke


Diameter of pivot


Clamping way

Hydraulic clamping


Programmable amplifier plug-in mounted inside the PC,

automatic zero setting and calibrating



Oil source: 1140×700×930mm


About 7500kg

Power supply

Three phases AC380V 50Hz or specified by user


Description Schemes:


1、 The main machine


1) The main machine adopts underneath type of oil cylinder, tensile space is above the main machine, compression and bending space is between the lower cross beam and working station.

2) Solid four-standard column and two-lead screw structure design, so the whole machine has strong stability.

3) Movable cross-beam is designed with unique clearance elimination mechanism, avoiding test error caused by cross-beam stress of B type machine.

4) There designs a sliding plate of 10mm between jaw and jaw splint, effectively extending service life of jaw splint.

5) Test space can be divided into three segments for adjustment according to length of specimen, the highest point is suitable for the use of peripheral equipment like high temperature furnace.


2、 Drive system


Lower cross beam lifting adopts hydraulic motor, chain, and lead screw pair drive to realize adjustment of tensile and compression space. No matter in the state of adjusting space or in the test process, it both reaches operation if zero clearance.


3、 Hydraulic system (table-type oil source)


3.1 Hydraulic principle:


As shown in figure 2, it is load-adaptive meter in speed control system.


Hydraulic oil in the fuel tank enters into oil circuit when the motor drives the high-pressure gear pump, it flows through non-return valve, 10μhigh-pressure filter, differential pressure valve group and servo valve to enter into oil cylinder. The computer sends out signal to the servo motor, to control the mouth and direction of servo valve, so as to control the flow entering into the oil cylinder, realizing control of uniform-speed test force and displacement.




Figure 2: hydraulic principle


3.2 Features


1) It adopts imported high-pressure gear pump, with low noise and steady pressure.

2) It adopts integrated design for dynamic system and operating platform, easy to operate and saving test space at the same.

3) The surface is disposed with spraying plastics, so the appearance is nice.



Control system:


Full-digital measurement and closed loop control system has many advanced characteristics and technological innovation, mainly reflected in:






4.1 Realizing four kinds closed loop control system control of testing force, specimen deformation, cross-beam displacement and test process.

4.2 Data collecting system is composed of 4-path high precision 24-bit A/D shift channels, the maximum resolution ratio reaches 1/300000, the whole process is stepless.

4.3 It adopts original famous-brand integrated components like BB, AD and Xilinx, with full-digital Design.

4.4 It conforms to PCI bus standard, the microcomputer is automatic identification and installation for microcomputer, achieving plug and test.


4.5 There is no analogue element like potentiometer for electronic measurement system,guaranteeing interconvertibility and convenient for maintenance and replacement.




We can customize all kinds of non-standard grips & fixture, please contact us for more details, thank you!


Control software:



 It conforms to more than 30 relevant regulations of national standards,like GB228-2002GB228-2010.






1. Computer control system: it has advantages of high integration level, stable performance       and convenient adjustment. Can carry out real-time collection for test data and real-time

dynamic display for test characteristics curve; test data file can be saved by the method of Access common database or SQLserve large database, which is convenient for achieving users’ resource sharing and network management, and reanalysis.

This software have an easy access to various word2000 reports users defined, solving the problem that different users or one same user has different requirements for the reports in different times, and it can deal with original data of test force, displacement and time and their derived curves.

2. Protection function: this tester has limit protection of software and machine, can dynamically set the ratio of automatic stop exceeding maximum load; it has overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection functions.

3. Can realize automatic mark for load channel, intuitive and convenient.

4. Batch test can realize classified display for curve, and curve follows automatically.

5. This software can realize speed set user defined, and speed adjustment by computer. It can also realize high precision speed mark, and adjusts speed stage and code at any time.

6. Monitoring test process: can realize real-time display for various parameters like test force,

  displacement and curves in the test.

7. Hierarchical management function for software permissions: to improve safety of software and data, this software can realize hierarchical management function by setting different passwords protection.

8. Result representation function: after finishing and saving test, users can open it at any time in the future and reanalyze test data according to need.

9. Users can select load-time, load-displacement and displacement-time curves for test and data display, saving, analysis and printing according to need.

10. Curve pointwise traverse function: can click force and deformation value on the curve by

    mouse, to acquire parameters of each point.

11. Result contrast function: can observe various test curve at the same time, and can realize

   Characteristics contrast of specimen to be analyzed by superposition and fractionated gain of various curves.

12. Force interface: force channel interface and test software can equip all kinds of sensors

   according to users’ need, and can conduct mark, parameters modification and normal test.

13. Data sampling frequency: can select high-speed sampling frequency according to users’

 test requirements.





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