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Name:High frequency vibration tester

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Name:High frequency vibration tester


Model: RS-V600




High frequency vibration tester adopted the 'double-magnetic circuit structure','self-generated skeleton action circles', 'Airborne Support' and 'roller bearings and linear guidance','trunnion isolation' advanced modern technology and special technology, can be completed in X, Y, Z three-axis sinusoidal vibration test and broadband random vibration tests, to be completed by the classical (half - sine)  pulse and shock response spectrum test. It widely used in national defense, weapons, aviation, aerospace, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, communications, home appliances and other fields.  


Vibration System:


 2-1 Technical parameters

 (1) Rated Force: sine force Max. 6000N; random force Max. 6000N; shock force Max. 12000N;

(2) Frequency Range: Max. 3500Hz, Fixed frequency, sweep back and forth, sine, random, shock

 (3)Sweep-frequency Mode: linear, logarithmic, sweep back and forth, fixed frequency

 (4)Sweep-frequency Times: 1 to 32767

 (5)Sweep-frequency Time: fixed frequency/single 1-3600mins, sweep-frequency curves can be displayed.

 (6)Max Load: 300Kg

 (7)Max. Acceleration1000m/s2 (non load)


(8)Max. Speed: 1.6m/s

 (9)Max. Displacement: 70mm p-p (non load), double peak

 (10)Impact Displacement: 70mm

 (11)Weight of Moving Coil: 12 kg

 (12)Vibration Directions: vertical or horizontal (X ,Y Direction , Z Direction)

    (13)Vibration Wave: sine, random, shock

 (14)Diameter of the Moving Coil: Φ230 mm

 (15)Vibration System Dimension(mm): L850xW550xH750

 (16)Vibration System weight: 590 KG

2-2 Vibration Components Details

 (1)Vibration Generator 1 set  

 (2)Vibration Controller 1 set

 (3)Communication Connection Chamber 1 set

Vibration Test Bench 1 set

      VT1515 Vertical Bench Table 1 Set (Optional) for Z Direction Vibration  

      Size : 1500x1500mm   Max Frequency: 350Hz

     LT1515 Horizontal Bench Table 1 Set (Optional) for X,Y Direction Vibration

     Size: 1500x1500mm   Max Frequency: 800Hz

 (5) Power Amplifier 1 set

 (6) Excitation Power 1 pc      

    (7) Driver Software 1 set

    (8) Controller Software 1 pc

 (9) Cooling System 1 set

 (10) Industrial Computer 1 set

 (11) Acceleration Sensor (include output line) 1 pc

 (12) Vibration Shaker Tools

2-3 About The Vibration System

 (1) Double magnetic circuit structure to ensure high magnetic field intensity & reduce flux leakage;

    Special degaussing structure can reduce flux leakage to below 1 mt

 (2) U-type spring ,rollers and linear bearing for strong resistance of deflecting load

 (3) Air spring are used for vibration isolation; Vibration system work steadily even with heavy load;

    no need special foundation

 (4) Protection devices are provided for over-thermal, over-load, over-current, over-voltage, and        

    over-displacement of the vibration tester;

    Electrical network protection devices for over-voltage, under-voltage, lacking phase;

    Drive power , current-limiting , soft-start, over-temperature, short-current,module fault protecting

 (5) Can complete sine ,random , impact environmental tests

 (6) This system has little requires for voltage fluctuation, ≤±10% is OK

 (7) This system has little requires for Grounding resistance, ≤4Ω is OK  

 (8) High reliability, especially suitable for long-time running

2-4 Digital Vibration Controller                             


     Vibration controller is the latest design by our company          

     that adopts international advanced distributed system

     architecture, and its core is the latest TMS320 series

     32-bit floating-point high-speed processor of IT   

     company. Test report is automatically generated in   

     Microsoft Word. During or after the testing, the

     test report can be edited, and then generated

     automatically or manually.

   2-4-1 Hardware Specification

        2-4-1-1 Input:  

         (1) 1 channels

         (2) Resolution : 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion (ADC

         (3) Input impedance : 220 k Ω

         (4) Built-in charge amplifier and ICP constant-current source, the voltage & ICP acceleration sensor      

            can be directly connected

         (5) Signal to noise ratio: >100dB

    2-4-1-2 Output:

         (1) 1 channel

         (2) Resolution : 16-bit digital-to-analog conversion (DAC 

         (3) Amplitude accuracy: 2mV

     (4) Output impedance : 30Ω

   2-4-2 Controlling Software Specification

        2-4-2-1 Sinusoidal Wave

         (1) Control Mode : sinusoidal waveform controlling software  

         (2) Frequency Range:  1.0 to 5000hz  (can be extended to 12000Hz)

         (3) Control Dynamic Range : 100dB

         (4) Closed-Loop Time: 10ms

         (5) Control Accuracy: ±1dB

         (6) Frequency Resolution: 0.01%

         (7) Sweep Velocity: linear sweep 0 to 6000hz/s; logarithmic sweep 0100 Oct/Min

         (8) Wave Distortion: <0.3%

        2-4-2-2 Random Wave

         (1) Control Mode : PSD  

         (2) Frequency Range: DC to 4800Hz (can be extended to 11000Hz)

         (3) Resolution: Max.1600 lines

         (4) Control Dynamic Range : 90dB

         (5) Closed-Loop Time: typically 100ms

         (6) Control Accuracy: ±1dB

        2-4-2-3 Shock Wave  

         (1) Control Mode : waveform can be controlled  

         (2) Shock Mode: half-sine wave,saw tooth wave,triangular wave,rectangular wave,trapezoidal wave

         (3) Frequency Range: DCto22000Hz

         (4) Frame: Max.32K

         (5) Duration Time : 0.5-3000ms

         (6) Compensation Mode: pre-pulse, after-pulse, pre/after-pulse



 2-5 Technical Parameter

(1) Power: 4 kw

(2) Air-duct Diameter: 200mm

(3) Dimension: L650xW700xH1150 mm

     (4) AC380V 50/60Hz  35 Lines;


Fully meets the requirements of ISTA-3A:


A. ISTA 3A--Over the Road




 Vibration Shaker Testing Result According to ISTA 3A





 B. ISTA 3A--Pick and Delivery




Vibration Shaker Testing Result According to ISTA 3A






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